PSA: Gaijin Games' Includes 'Portal 2,' 'Psychonauts,' 'Super Meat Boy' And Others For Crazy Cheap

by Joseph Leray

Commander Video (Bit.Trip)

Protip: Mosey on over the the Steam store for Gaijin Games' "Good Friends Bundle," which offers six absurdly good indie classics on the cheap.

A few weeks ago, Gaijin Games released a downloadable character pack for "Runner 2," the most recent entry in their brace of stylish rhythm games. The hook was that each character was the star of some popular indie game in his own right. In a slick bit of synergy, the "Good Friends Bundle" is a collection of all of those games.

From now until Monday morning, intrepid penny-pinchers can snag Gaijin's "Bit.Trip Presents … Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien"; Double Fine's "Psychonauts"; Team Meat's "Super Meat Boy"; Daisuke Amaya's "Cave Story+"; Amanita Design's "Machinarium"; and Valve's "Portal 2" for a cool $25. Buying each individually would run you upwards of $80.

It's worth noting that the eponymous "Spelunky Guy" made it into the "Runner 2" character pack, but Derek Yu's procedurally-generated platformer was left out of the "Good Friends Bundle." This is probably because "Spelunky" is making its Steam debut on August 8th -- there's no point in slashing the price of a game that isn't out yet.

The only game in the "Good Friends Bundle" I haven't played is "Cave Story," but the others come easily, unreservedly, enthusiastically recommended -- they're all really good. The bundle is available now and will last until Monday morning, so get your shekels, ducats, and doubloons ready.


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