John Shaft Meets 'Minecraft' In Machinima's 'Mineshaft' [VIDEO]


Who is the man, who'd risk his voxel neck for his brother man? Mineshaft!

The animated fan film premieres today on Machinima, and you can check it out after the jump.

Of course his dog is named "Whitey."

The short sees the brick-like private dick investigating jewel thefts in world of "Minecraft." Written by "Pac-Man: The Movie" director James Farr, it's the latest from advertising and production studio SteelHouse Digital. You might pick up on some of the details SteelHouse added in to get the 70's aesthetic down, from the digitally-inserted grain on the titles to the fake scratches in the "print" to the oversaturated colors.

One thing: Mineshaft the character isn't really trying to capture to the iconic cool of Richard Roundtree's blaxploitation classic character--Farr and company seem to have been going for a more general tough-talking black character from the 70's (think a more chatty Jim Brown).

It's the details, kids.

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