New Teaser Trailer Hints At Online Plans for Capcom's 'Deep Down'

by Joseph Leray

Deep Down

We haven't heard much about "Deep Down" since it was revealed at Sony's PlayStation 4 press conference in February, but the flagship game for Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine re-emerged during the publisher's Network Game Conference yesterday.

In typical teaser trailer fashion, the new video consists mostly of logos and quick cuts of a creepy manta ray-person-skeleton-demon. That's Videogame Industry Standard Operating Procedure, but there's info to gleaned here and gold in them grimdark fantasy hills.

For starters, "Deep Down" is sporting a Capcom Online Games logo, which -- to my knowledge -- is a new department. Japanese site 4Gamer attended the Network Game Conference and reports that "Deep Down" is an online role-playing game, though its unclear if this means it will have online elements or be a full-blown massively multiplayer game. It might just mean that "Deep Down" requires an internet connection to play.

Secondly, "Deep Down" still hasn't been announced for platforms other than the PlayStation 4.

For a somewhat more robust trailer for "Deep Down," complete with a flame-spewing dragon and appropriately morose knight errant, skip to the 4:25 mark in producer Yoshinori Ono's presentation earlier this year. Capcom is expected to announce more details and have a playable build of "Deep Down" later this summer at the Tokyo Games Show.

[Deep Down via 4Gamer]

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