Don't Get Too Excited For 'Street Fighter X All Capcom'


Capcom of Japan has just announced their latest "Street Fighter" cross over, in which Ryu and company goes against pretty much everyone under the publisher's umbrella. Hence the title "Street Fighter X All Capcom."

Very little is known at the moment. Though feel free to poke around the official website, which is chock full of Capcom personalities, who are all presumably featured characters.

The idea of Batsu Ichimonji (from Rival Schools: United By Fate) facing off against Sissel (from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective) is enough to make any Capcom diehard's head explode, but there might be zero cause for celebration in the end.

First of all, The Escapist theorizes that instead of being a fighting game, which is what everyone wants, it could be something along the lines of a RPS, similar to "Project X Zone." Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Though they also point out the very tiny screenshots at the bottom of the page, which paints a different picture, of a rather simplistic card game for cell phones. In the end, it may turn out to be just another social game, something Capcom is all about these days.

Rockman Xover was another game that sounded amazing on paper; the ultimate Mega Man game that drew from every single series up till this point. But when it turned out to be a social game, and a poorly assembled one at that, all excitement quickly faded away.

Which is why it never leaving the confines of Japan was not such a bummer to most, and there stands a chance that "Street Fighter X All Capcom" may never hit Stateside.

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