Remember That 'Raving Rabbids' Cartoon? It's On This Weekend


I've always thought of Ubisoft's "Rabbids" franchise as cartoon characters in search of an actual cartoon to be in. The ubiquitous minigame collections they starred in, while not always especially fun, were injected with a degree of personality for games of their type--manic, a little weird, and relentless.

Well, the alien rabbits are making their animation debut this weekend in "Rabbids Invasion" on Nickelodeon, and after the jump, we've got a clip from the series.

Watch: Rabbid Invasion Season 1, Ep. 1 Premiere Clip

The CG project was developed by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, in what is, I guess, their first independently-produced project. The 26-episode series makes its debut on Saturday at 3 with the half-hour premiere, "Omelet Party."

Now where's our cel-shaded "Beyond Good and Evil" cartoon?

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