Play 'Doom' As Sailor Moon Thanks To This Mod


It is the year 2013 and we are still discovering wacky, off the wall mods for Doom to this very day.

Like the one that infuses Doom 2 with the power of someone who fights evil by moonlight, and who wins love by daylight. She also never runs from a real fight; you know, the one named Sailor Moon.

The following, which was unearthed by Kotaku, is most definitely an oldie, yet mostly definitely a goodie as well:

Though it's mostly refreshing to see a Doom mod in which it's not all about cranking up the ultra violence to 9000. In addition to sporting all her most iconic moves, Serena (or Usagi for you purists out there) uses the power of love to simply subdue beasts instead of slathering them, who we discover are just regular girls that have been corrupted by the power of hate.

Is it the most wholesome, benign Doom mod of them all? Sorry, but that crown still belongs to Super 3D Noah's Ark, an unlicensed Wolfenstein 3D mod for the SNES:

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