Marvelous Games Gets Weird With Free-to-play Eyball Physics Game 'Eyes Attack' [Trailer]


An odd match in sensibilities sees "Eyes Attack," this physics-based tilt-a-game coming to the iPhone and iPad from Marvelous Games. Watch the trailer after the jump!

So that looks a little odd, right? Well, it's free, so the barrier to entry is low. The 44 MB shooter is available now in the iTunes store, and it's from Russian developer Alexander Murzanaev. Marvelous Games, whose parent company is "Harvest Moon" publisher MarvelousAQL is releasing it here in the U.S.

From the publisher's official synopsis:

Eyes Attack, a collaboration between Marvelous Games and Russian indie developer Alexander Murzanaev, takes a completely fresh approach to smartphone and tablet gaming. A series of genuinely new game mechanics make for a title with immediate appeal and surprising depth—not to mention genuine skill-based challenge.

Physics matters, as players must not only tilt their device to move to avoid aliens, but also to maintain the right momentum needed for their stones to hit their targets. With a limited amount of available ammunition, it’s vital for players to take advantage of the sporadic range of power-up drops throughout the course of each level.

The aliens come in many forms. The greenies are small and nimble and present little problem in the early stages. The blue guys are big and fast – and split into two when first hit. Don’t be fooled by the dotty blue ones – they are dangerous alone and terrifying in groups. The yellow ones can jump incredibly high. And as for the red ones... well, keep your wits and stones about you.

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