First Batch Of 'Minecraft' Minecon 2013 Tickets Sold Out Already


As if one needs further evidence that indie gaming's sandbox sensation 'Minecraft' is as hot as ever; last night, tickets for this year's Minecon went on the sale, and it didn't take long for each and every one to be immediately snatched up.

Or at least the first batch, which only contained 2,500 tickets.

According to Mojang, there are two other batches forthcoming. The second goes on sale tomorrow, August 2nd at 7am Pacific/10 am Eastern. And the third will be up for grabs Saturday, August 3rd at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern.

For those interested, be sure to have this page open, at least a few minutes before the next batch is let loose. Minecon 2013 takes place in Orlando, FL between November 2-3. If you're a diehard fan of the game, there's simply no other place to be that weekend.

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