The PS4's Theoretical Graphics Vs. The Xbox One's Theoretical Graphics


Console fanboys are all waiting with bated breath for the first graphical showdown between the PS4 and Xbox One. Problem is, that's really not possible at the moment.

So how about the next best thing? Like comparing the visual output of PCs that have the specs that more or less mirror the upcoming machines? Well, it's better than nothing.

The comparison is courtesy of Eurogamer's Digital Foundry, which has an affinity for taking long, loving looks at hardware. And their latest report is equally detail intensive, so much so that many will have difficulty making heads or tails.

Though the test this time was particularly tricky. Digital Foundry did its best to find off the shelf components to create their facsimile machines, but even then, some over clocking and other modifications were necessary.

The following shows both machines processing the graphical data. Can you tell the difference?

Basically, both machines are on the same level, despite the fact that the PS4 should outclass the Xbox One, going by pure specs alone. The PS4 does have a slight edge in the end, but the Xbox One still has advantages. Though once again, these tests are not based upon actual hardware, so the real deals may perform quite differently.

It's also worth noting that, since the dawn of the console wars, it's always been a face off against often two wildly different hardware architectures. But develops, the good ones at least, are able to get the most out of both machines, and the end results are often indistinguishable.

Given that the consoles of today, and tomorrow, are increasingly depending on the same technology, expect to less and less of a distinction.

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