'Paperboy' Gets The VR Treatment In New 'Paperdude VR'


There are many games that have either already been enhanced by everyone favorite virtual reality gaming headset, aka the Oculus Rift, or soon will be. But most are relatively recent titles.

What about the classics? We're talking early 80s, arcade hits. Don't fans of those deserve the fully immersive treatment? Well, if you're a hardcore Paperboy fan, then Globacore has a little something for you, called "Paperdude VR."

As you can see, it's not quite feature complete. Sadly, there are no break-dancers, nor the grim reaper to be found. But otherwise, it's basically a VR version of Paperboy:

Though as one can also tell, it's not just the Oculus doing all the work. You also have a Kinect, plus the KickR, which is Globacore's creation. It's attached to the bike, to communicate speed and cadence to the game via Bluetooth, to an iPad app. Yup, iOS is also part of the equation.

The above is a prototype, which means that Paperdude VR will be developed further, presumably. Otherwise, there's no word on whether it'll be a commercial game, or simply a means to help develop the KickR. But for those interested in either, simply sign up for updates via Globacore's website.

[via Joystiq]

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