Gaming Headset Claims It Will Make You A Better Gamer By Shocking Your Brain


To all dog owners out there: have you ever had to resort to one of those collars that send electrical shocka through Fido to keep him or her in line? Did it work? Think it can do the same for you when it comes to improving those gaming skills?

That's more or the less the entire basis of the gaming headset that claims to "overclock your head" by applying transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, or tDCS, onto your brain.

What exactly is tDCS? It's a form of neurostimulation that is delivered to the brain in constant, low doses via small electrodes. The concentrates on the prefrontal cortex, which is the frontal lobes of your brain.

By doing so, it supposedly "excites your neurons into firing faster", which equates to enhanced cognitive abilities and sharper decision making skills. Or so it is claimed.

There's also an accompanying iOS app. Sorry Android users, but the current version of the software lacks the bluetooth low energy APIs. Maybe in the next update. And according to Polygon, the device has just passed FCC certification, but is still waiting for the thumbs up from the FDA.

But you cam still purchase your headset now, for just $249.