Everyone Loves This Bearded Guy Who Does A Capella Renditions Of Your Favorite Video Game Tune


Do you know the name Smooth McGroove? He's a YouTuber personality that has managed to develop quite the following. Every time he posts a new video, it immediately gets posted on all the major gaming blogs (so we felt it was about time that he made his long overdue appearance on MTV Multiplayer).

So what makes him so special? His rather catchy nickname? His totally fab beard? His super cute cat which makes a cameo in each clip? All those are certainly help, but the real star is his vocal talent. Often multiplied by the number eight (sometimes nine).

To be more precise, his ability to reinterpret favorite video game tunes in the form of a capella:

Beloved classics are truly born anew, thanks to the prowess of Smooth McGroove's voice, as well as his keen ability to deconstruct gaming standards, which are then reassembled with a little help from modern technology.

If head on over to his YouTube page, you'll find numerous other examples, all equally excellent, and spanning mostly well known games like Super Mario or Final Fantasy.

Though you can also find his take on U.N. Owen Was Her, aka Flandre's Theme, from Project Touhou, which is definitely more on the obscure side of things. But what better way to familiarize yourself with this beloved, underground hit?

But Smooth McGroove has yet to top himself with his rendition of Phoenix Wright: