Another 'Grand Theft Auto IV' Mod To Help Make It Feel Like 'Grand Theft Auto V'


Easily one of this year's most hotly anticipated titles, "GTA V," is coming to PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, but not the PC. As disgruntled PC gamers love reminding everyone, especially whenever a new batch of screenshots or a new trailer surfaces.

Thankfully, the "GTA 4" modding community is hard at work, as always, to make part four look and feel as much like part five as possible, and thus help make the wait tolerable (there will be a PC version of "V," though it'll probably be just as late to the party as its predecessors).

But unlike most other mods, which simply borrows visual assets from the upcoming game, this latest one features its primary gameplay addition. That being the ability to switch between multiple characters on the fly:

As Polygon points out, Niko's co-stars in this instance are the leads from "GTA 4"'s DLC; Johnny is from "The Lost and Damned" and Luis hails from "The Ballad of Gay Tony."

When playing as one character, the others are being controlled via AI. The switch is about as fast and fluid as one can expect, given that it's a user generated script for a game that's many years old at this point.

Hence why it's also a bit rough around the edges, though the mod is also a work in progress, so one can expect improvements. Though even at this early rough stage, one can't help but be impressed.

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