Gamer, Bourbon Enthusiast Aisha Tyler Pops Up In Ubisoft's 'Watch_Dogs'


Ubisoft gets a little silly with the upcoming stealth action game, adding the multi-talented comedienne and actress as a potential victim.

The "Archer" voice actress makes an appearance in November's "Watch_Dogs" as a potential victim who masked vigilante Aiden Pierce can potentially save. Tyler also joined the game's development team at San Diego Comic-Con onstage to talk about questions of privacy and taking dudes down with super hacking abilities.

It's another "It's-a me, Mario" moment for the publisher, who included the little Nintendo homage in "Assassin's Creed II." It's just right there, you're wandering around, and an Italian dude tells you he's-a Mario. Weird and kind of funny. Ubisoft, if you really want to impress me, though, make Lana Kane a skin for "Watch_Dogs" with a full voice pack.*

*Although I'm guessing, that'd be a big old "Noooooooope."

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