Irrational Releases First 'Bioshock Infinite' DLC, Details Plans For More

The first DLC, the challenge-based "Clash in the Clouds," is out today, with a two-part campaign expansion, "Burial at Sea" currently in development for the dimension-bending first-person shooter.

****Some spoilers for "Bioshock Infinite" if you haven't yet finished the campaign.****

If you wanted to test you skills against the combat mechanics of "Bioshock Infinite," then Irrational has you covered, apparently, with its "Clash in the Clouds" DLC. Priced at $4.99/400 MS Points (or free if you purchased the season pass), the expansion adds four new areas to the game "inspired by" locations from the campaign, where you'll have to use a combination of Booker and Elizabeth's abilities to unlock concept art, more Voxaphones, Kinetescopes, etc.

You can check out screens from three of the new locations and and a trailer for "Clash in the Clouds" below.




Still in development is the "Burial at Sea" campaign expansion, a two-parter (priced at $15.00/1200 MS Points each). That expansion will explore the main story's infinite worlds concept, taking the action away from Colombia and down into the underwater city of Rapture, setting of the first "Bioshock"--before its fall.

Based on the trailer, instead of directly addressing some of the events of "Infinite," "Burial at Sea" will be a noirish tale putting Booker's detective/hired gun skills at the service of a Elizabeth, offering a sort of remix of the story of the main game. It'll be interesting to see what kind of connective tissue Levine and company create between this and the core campaign.

Irrational hasn't provided a proposed release date for either part of this expansion, but you can see the first screenshot below, featuring a redesigned, Rapture-appropriate Elizabeth.


I'm not sure if the "Clash in the Clouds" content will exactly be my cup of tea: the combat in "Bioshock Infinite" was perhaps the least compelling thing about it. Having said that, I'd love to see the Sky-Lines worked into some kind of multiplayer content (it's the one element of the game that seemed to beg for other live players).

You can can check out our review of "Bioshock Infinite" here.

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