Creator Of Mega Man To Co-Star In A Visual Novel That Combines Romance And Bomb Disposal


As mentioned earlier today, Mega Man has seen better days. But what about the creator of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune? After Mega Man Legends 3 (a game that he wanted just as badly as all the fans, maybe even more so) was cancelled, Inafune decided to leave Capcom and make games on his own.

And over the past two years, he's been bouncing back and forth, woking on things here and there. He's also been guest starring in various titles, and another such game is coming out here in America later this summer, entitled Sweet Fuse: At Your Side.

It's visual novel, one that's aimed at women. Which is a big thing in Japan, but definitely not so much here. But even back home, Sweet Fuse was able to stick out thanks to its wackier than usual premise.

Basically, the player assumes the role of Saki Inafune, the fictional niece if Keiji Inafune. Her uncle has just opened a theme park, so Saki decides to check it out on opening day, but ends up become a hostage when a crazy bomber takes over the park.

It's up to you to outwit the mad bomber, prevent your uncle's park from blowing up, and also fall in love with one of the numerous good looking dudes that you'll encounter along the way. Who are also hostages, so you basically have also have to save their butts too.

Sweet Fuse is being published in America by Aksys Games and will be one of the final PSP releases in the US, though Vita owners who have already traded up their hardware will still be able to take part since it's coming out on PSN as well.

If you're both a fan of Keiji Inafune and have always been curious about visual romance games (surely there must be some people reading this who falls into both camps), then get ready for Sweet Fuse this August 27th.