The Creators Of Venture Brothers Would Love To Have A Video Game, You Just Have To Ask


If asked to name three beloved shows on Cartoon Network, the most beloved actually, you might be inclined to state Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Venture Brothers.

Two of those shows have games based upon, but one of them doesn't. So, what's the deal with Venture Brothers? That's what one guy asked during the Venture Bros panel at the recently passed San Diego Comic Con.

Simply fast forward to the 15:00 mark in the following video that Destructoid recently highlighted. Though long story short: no one has bothered to ask:

As co-creator Jackson Publick states:

"One game company would have to come to us and go 'Hey we want to [make a game].' Like nobodies ever brought that up ever."

And Doc Hammer adds:

"You act like a lot of people are coming up [to us, to ask if we'd like to do a movie. And then we're all like] 'we don't have time for a movie'… It's that, nobody asks us! We make our own t-shirts!

The Venture Empire is some fake… moon… station… We're a sham!"

Doc also states that if Rockstar were to just come up to Jackson and simply ask, the response would be an extremely enthusiastic yes. Though there would be one question:

"Can Brock kill hookers in it?"