'Fez II' Canceled As Indie Developer Phil Fish Exits Games Industry

by Joseph Leray

Fez II

According to posts on Polytron Corporation's website and Twitter account, "Fez II" has been canceled.

On Saturday afternoon, Polytron tweeted the following: "It's with a heavy heart that we announced that 'Fez II' has been cancelled and is no longer in development. We apologize for the disappointment." A few hours later, outspoken lead designer Phil Fish updated his company's website reiterating the news.

"Fez II" was only announced at E3 last month, with a cancellation notice coming roughly six weeks later. Beyond its existence, there no specifics or release date for the project. The cancellation was confirmed by e-mail to Giant Bomb, Joystiq, and Polygon.

Fish has often come under fire from media and fans alike for his views on, for example, Japanese games or the Nintendo 3DS. He was also criticized for refusing to patch a game-breaking bug in "Fez," citing Microsoft's exorbitant fees for updates. He was similarly critical of Microsoft's ban on self-publishing, though both policies have since been changed.

Fish's most recent run-in with the press comes in response to Gametrailers host Marcus Beer's assertion that indie developers are obligated to respond to media requests. After a heated exchange, Fish canceled "Fez II" and explained that he was leaving the games industry to avoid further abuse and personal attacks.


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