Here's How The PS4 Stacks Up Against The PS3 In Terms Of Pure Size


Remember the original PlayStation 3? Aside from being expensive (the 60GB model went for a heft $599 on launch day), the original model was also ginormous (who can forget all those hilarious PhotoShops that punctuated the system's unveil). And the upcoming PlayStation 4 looks equally monolithic. Or is it?

That's exactly what PlayStation Access decided to find out:

As you can tell, when in a vertical position, the PS3 is actually a tad bit taller than the PS4. But when both are flat, the PS3 ends up being much taller. Otherwise, they both seem equally deep.

Maybe it's just one person's opinion, but the PS4 looks much nicer when in its horizontal position. Whereas vertical, it just seems a tad bit awkward, especially its stand.

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