Here We Have A Guy Driving A Car With A NES Controller


Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek are security experts. And when one thinks of such an occupation, it's easy to imagine certain scenarios. Like trying to break past a door that is supposed to be unbreakable, or trying to see if a flame retardant piece of clothing is indeed fire proof.

So the last thing anyone might conjure up is a guy driving an actual automobile with a NES controller, and the another person filming said act. But that's pretty much exact what Miller and Valasek have done, again for the sake of safety.

According to Nintendo Life the pair decided to directly interface with a car's electronic control unit, or ECU. It controls a car's steering, acceleration, braking, and more. All of which can be easily manipulated with a video game controller, apparently:

As you can see, it's pretty jerky, and one has to wonder how much smoother the experience would be with a controller that supported analogue, like a PlayStation Dual Shock.

But that's the not the point of the hack, which is to show how easily the ECU (which is becoming a standard in more and more automobiles) can be hacked into with relative ease.