The 'Wonderful 101' Remains One Of The Best Reasons To Own A Wii U


It's been over a year since Platinum's The Wonderful 101 was first introduced to the world. It was a main motivator for many to nab the Wii U when the system made its debut, well before the game actually materialized.

And with that day almost at hand, not only will early adopters finally feel justified with their hardware purchase, but many on the fence may finally pull the trigger up at last.

A two minute plus clip that's chock full of gameplay footage has just surfaced online. And it's somewhat a mystery; there's no real beginning, the sound cuts out in the later half, plus it just abruptly ends.

But the most important is how the game looks just as awesome as before. Actually, more so.

The primary focus is on few of the 101 whose talents you'll be utilizing to overcome oversized bosses and also oversized challenges, which appear to serve as puzzles:

Who would have thought that the best way to clear through numerous buildings at a time is best done with a gigantic football helmet?