Spin The Bottle Has Been Transformed Into A Game For The Wii U


Yet another classic party game is finally making its way to a video game console. But whereas the digital versions of standards like Monopooly and Scrabble all resemble exactly what one might have imagined, it's difficult to conceive what Spin The Bottle is like. After-all, it's all about sitting in a circle, spinning a glass receptacle, and kissing someone who is either hot or not.

Well, for starters, Spin The Bottle, as re-envisioned by developer KnapNok, doesn't rely so much on graphics. It also doesn't rely much on kissing either.

The trailer shows a bunch of games that one might play with a bunch of friends, mostly physical activities, but which apparently are facilitated by Wii Remotes and orchestrated by the Wii U GamePad:

According to KnapNok's Lau Korsgaard, when speaking with Joystiq:

"Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party is our attempt to explore these unique possibilities of the Wii U… Players sit in a circle looking at each other doing silly, wacky and embarrassing stuff. This is a game that couldn't have been developed for any other console and we are super excited to see how the audience will receive it."

It'll be interesting to see how game players react to Spin The Bottle, since this is an entirely different beast when compared to even usual party video games. And one has to wonder how folks, who have normally played games like regular Spin The Bottle sans any controllers will react.

Not long ago, Joystiq also reported on how tricky it was for such a game to pass Nintendo's certification process. Testing a game in which you push buttons with your nose is apparently easier said then done, which is tricky to begin with.

Spin The Bottle arrives on the Nintendo eShop on August 8th for an asking price of $9.