Neil Gaiman Is Making A Video Game


He's the man who changed the face of comics forever with Sandman, and is equally respected and revered in the world of literature, thanks to American Gods and Coraline. So what's next for Neil Gailman? Video games, naturally.

Gaiman has just announced Wayward Manor, an upcoming adventure game in which you are both dead and an occupant of New England mansion, circa "the roaring twenties". One that is also filled with annoying occupants, so it's up to you to scare them away. Since you're a ghost after all.

As Gaiman explains, "How you do that will take all your ingenuity and brilliance."

Gaiman also explains that he tries to find "the right medium to tell the right story", so it's interesting hearing that to express Wayward Manor, which is mostly inspired by films from back in the day, he chose video games. Something that speaks volumes about the current state of games, which also in its infancy, a fact that many seem to forget.

Also, the game is being made by The Odd Gentlemen, best known for P.B. Winterbottom, easily one of the most criminally underrated XBLA games you'll find anywhere.

Wayward Manor is going the crowd funding route, but instead of using Kickstarter or the like, it simply has its own website in which one can pre-order the game and also partake in various other incentives that will all help to finance the project.

Including a chance to have dinner with Gaiman in Los Angeles, one that he promises to be spooky. By LA standards that is.