The Art of Breathing, Cane Holding, and Carl Barks Detailed In Latest Duckstales Remastered Mini Documentary


The folks at WayFoward and Capcom, the duo that's bringing the world the much-anticipated Ducktales Remastered, has produced yet another behind the scenes look. And the most recent "Duckumentary" concerns the upcoming revamp's art design, with a focus on animation.

Much is covered, including how the developers simply didn't refer to the original game and cartoon, but also the comics that Ducktales is derived from. Specifically, the work of the legendary Carl Barks, who not only created Scrooge McDuck but the vast majority of Disney's Duck Family:

We also learn how Austin Ivansmith, the game's director, was able to channel his past desire to be an animator at Disney for the project. Along with how Jesse Lopez, the lead animator, was able to infuse Scrooge with lesson they teach in animation school, like how to breathe life into a character, which is simply done by portraying breathing.

It's mentioned how they actually got a real life cane to figure out all the different ways in to actually handle it, along with how the connection between the game's two primary antagonists, Magica De Spell and Flintheart Glomgold, is better defined. Though the best part is taste of the remastered African Mines music.

Still no Moon Stage music. They're clearly saving the best for last. Anyhow, for those who missed it, the very first "Duckumentary" covers the game's backgrounds: