Mike Tyson Can't Play His Own Game


If you grew up with the NES, you probably had a copy of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, or at least knew someone who did. And as such, you also probably have fond memories of climbing the ranks, defeating the likes of King Hippo, Piston Honda, and Mr. Sandman. Only to have Iron Mike himself hand you defeat over, and over, and over again.

Figuring out and then dealing with Tyson's devastating right hook was not easy, something that only someone with comparable skills would be able to handle, or one might assume. Which begs the question: how would the real Mike Tyson fare against his digital counterpart? The answer: apparently not very well, considering how he can even beat Glass Joe, the very first guy in the game and a total pushover.

Polygon recently highlighted a brief on the street encounter between Tyson and someone at TMZ, who love asking out of the blue questions:

Mike Tyson -- I SUCKED AT PUNCH-OUT ... Couldn't Even beat Glass Joe

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TMZ: "Mike Tyson's Punch Out is the best game ever; did you ever beat yourself?"

Tyson: "I couldn’t even beat Glass [EXPLETIVE]… I couldn't even beat Glass Joe. I couldn't even play the game… I'm a late bloomer, I started playing games in 2006, 2007."

As what he plays, he apparently likes Tour Of Duty (we're guessing he means Call of Duty) and anything with zombies.