Kickstart This Game About Producing Your Own Power Rangers-esque TV Show

Often the best games are the ones that sound like something that came out of the Magic Bullet. And in the case of Chroma Squad, it contains the following: tactical turn-based gameplay, retro pixelated graphics, television production management, and the Power Rangers. There’s also a meta game buried inside.

According to the Kickstarter, which not surprisingly has gotten a ton of buzz since its debut, Chroma Squad is about a group of stuntmen who decide to create their own sentai TV studio.

What’s sentai, you might be asking? That’s the original Japanese term for squadron task force, or just group, and is one of the terms that best describe the Power Rangers and its ilk back in its homeland (along with the term tokusatsu, which is any live action drama that relies heavily upon special effects).

So the player is the studio’s manager, and must hire actors, purchase television equipment, produce special effects, and do everything and anything else that goes into make such a show. You even have to worry about the advertising, like going to conventions and releasing tie-in comic books:

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