'Zone of the Enders HD Collection' Can Also Help Fill That Pacific Rim Gaming Void


As already noted, one of the hottest movies in theaters right now, Pacific Rim, has a couple of official tie in games that are not very good. Thankfully, there are other games out there that does kaiju and mecha right.

Over the weekend we mentioned a really great game that most centered on the former: Attack of the Friday Monsters. Well, time for something that's all about latter: Zone of the Enders HD.

For those unfamiliar, ZOE is a mecha series produced by Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid fame. You play as either a kid or a dude, depending on the game, who has to get inside the cockpit (literally) of a giant robot and fight other giant robots. It's easily one of the finest games of its kind released in the US (alas, Japan gets way more mecha games than we do).

ZOE HD has actually been out for some time now, in physical form, but both games that make up the collection, Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, are now available individually on PSN as of earlier this week. Though more importantly, they're actually in HD this time.

Those who picked up the collection in their original form are well aware of the fact that they're less than perfect ports. Thankfully, the long-awaited patch that fixes pretty much all of its issues has just been released, to coincide with the digital re-release.

This also means that existing owners can also enjoy the patch; all the problems that are fixed are detailed in this Kotaku post, which includes comparison shots from diehard ZOE fans who are no doubt happy with the fixes.

Unfortunately the patch is just for PS3 owners. The problems that still plague Xbox 360 owners have yet to be addressed, and one might have to wonder if they'll ever be fixed.