Expect Top Tier Desktop Graphics On Your Mobile Device Very Soon


Cell phone game visuals have made significant strides in recent years, coming very close to what we see on high end PCs and the like. But very soon, they'll be on equal footing.

NVIDIA has just unveiled their next generation mobile processor, called Project Logan. It's a GPU that's based upon the Kepler architecture that the graphics vendor currently produces for desktops and notebooks. One that has been reengineered to work on smart phones and tablets.

The following is a video that accompanied its unveil at SIGGRAPH a few days ago:

NVIDIA notes that the mobile iteration of Kepler is not the same thing as the full on desktop version, but there's still definitely enough wiggle room for developers to go nuts with.

Here we have another demo; the above showed off a photo realistic person, and in the following we see a photo realistic environment:

Looks amazing, without question. But does fancy visuals come at a price? Ask anyone who has played graphically intensive mobile games on the market today will all tell you about the bane of existence: poor battery life.

Though NVIDIA claims that Project Logan is extremely low profile when it comes to power consumption, which might actually the best and most important part, even more so than pretty graphics.

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