'World of Warcraft' Getting The Children's Book Treatment


It's been many years since the game's debut and we've yet to receive World of Warcraft: The Movie, World of Warcraft: The TV Show, World of Warcraft: The Breakfast Cereal… the list goes on. But at least we're finally getting the much-anticipated children's book adaptation.

Announced this past weekend at Comic Con, it's goes on pre-sale sometime later this year. Again, it's been a long time coming, at least to the folks at Blizzard who are spearheading the project.

According to Polygon, the first book, entitled Snowfight, the story is by senior VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen plus the art is by Blizzard artist Wei Wang.

Metzen used to tell his kids various bits of WoW mythos as they grew up (they're currently nine) and figured the various characters and lore that the franchise contains would be ripe for a kids book.

It was also noted that a children's book, some nice and simple, would be a good chance of pace from the massive tomes that Blizzard normally produces when presenting WoW on the printed page.

"It's so weird," Metzen admits, but he's hoping it catches on. Maybe parents, who have already been doing the same for their kids will pick up copies. Specifically the ones in which their tales have no ending. Now they can offer closure to their kids, instead of going "But then I decided to stop paying for my account, so… the end?"

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