Hazard Pay: ‘Viscera Cleanup Detail’ Hilariously Explores the Life of a Space Station Janitor

by Joseph Leray

There are plenty of ostensibly funny games — “Sam & Max” is always good for a chuckle, and “Borderlands 2” does clever, absurdist morbidity as well as anyone — but nothing makes me laugh as much as “Viscera Cleanup Detail,” a new first-person mopping sim from RuneStorm.

Part of the appeal is in the ridiculous premise. A lot humor in games works by taking their weird, melodramatic logic and applying real-world, quotidian consequences to it. If bloodthirsty aliens slaughter everyone on a derelict spaceship, only to be attacked by space marines, for example, there’s going to be a mess: someone has to clean that mess up, and that someone is you.

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