A Journey/Gravity Rush Stage May Or May Not Be Coming To 'PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale'


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was to be Sony's answer to Nintendo's mascot driven brawler. The original plan was for the game to be supported with a steady stream of DLC, either new characters or new backgrounds, both tapping into Sony's rich back catalog.

But because the brawler ended up being a bust, those plans never materialized. Sony ended up cutting ties with developer SuperBot Entertainment earlier this year, and it was announced that their Santa Monica studio would take over, but there hasn't been anything from them since.

So what exactly was SuperBot Entertainment working on? Well, by the looks of two leaked images that were posted by someone who was working on the game, there was at the very least going to be a stage that combined Journey and Gravity Rush.

The artist in question is Ky Bui. According to his resume, he was an environmental artist at Superbot between 2011-2013, and recently posted two examples of his work, images that depicted a background that combined elements from both games on his site.

Both have since been pulled, perhaps at the request of Sony, but PlayStation Euphoria was able to nab them before they disappeared. The above has bits from each title, whereas the following is mostly Gravity Rush:


When asked if players can look forward to exchanging blows against such a backdrop, Sony Santa Monica issued a statement that contains the following:

"Thank you for your continued support of PlayStation All-Stars and for keeping the community thriving. At this time we have no plans to release new content for PlayStation All-Stars.

While we considered many characters during development and even created concept art for a number of characters and environments that were being explored during the game’s development phase, including Dart, we were not able to incorporate all of them into the final game."

Such a statement is a bit odd, given that the plan was for them to keep PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale going via new content. Either Sony has officially given up on the game, or perhaps there might be some goodies coming down the pipeline after all?