EVO 2013 Summed Up In A Very Well Produced Video Package


We've mentioned the recently passed Evo Championship Series numerous times already, so perhaps it's time to finally move on. But here's one last item for the road, in the form of a very nicely produced highlight reel.

The following, which was caught on Kotaku first, doesn't give you the low down on who ranked first in what game. Instead, it attempts to distill what makes EVO so special; not just the sights, the sounds, but the people and the energy.

Which is all brilliantly distilled in what could be best described as a love letter to the Fighting Game Community:

Though, for those who are interested in the details, like what the top matches were, the creators of the clip above have plenty of highlights from the tournament, covering all the featured games. Along with highlights from past EVOs, which can be all found here.