'Darkstalkers' Revival Failed To Generate Excitement, Franchise Being Put Back On Ice


Darkstalkers has always the been the red-headed step child of Capcom's fighting library. It was the very first non-Street Fighter fighting franchise that Capcom tried to spearhead, to capitalize off the success SF2. And white it has developed a loyal fanbase over the years, it was never enough for the developer/publisher to give the series much attention. Hence why there's only been three installments since its debut, almost 20 years ago.

Many enjoy seeing popular characters make guest appearances in other games, most notably the VS series, though what they really want is a proper Darkstalkers 4. Recently, Capcom released Darkstalkers Resurrection, which complied Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 for XBLA and PS3.

It was hoped that the two-pack's success would help pave the way for the long-awaited update. Well, turns out, it's not gonna happen. According to Siliconera, not once did Capcom mention Darkstalkers during their Comic Con panel; normally it always gets some sort of shout out for the audience.

And when asked about the future of the franchise, Capcom's fighting game manager Matt Dahlgren, simply had this to say:

“Darkstalkers Resurrection did not perform as well as we would have liked to perform… There is nothing Darkstalkers on the immediate horizon for sure."

There have been reports circulating that Capcom's various fighting game re-releases have not sold very well, so this news is not exactly a shocker. But it's still a disappointment to say the least.

There is one question that remains: did everyone who wanted another Darkstalkers so badly actually pick up Darkstalkers Resurrection to being with, or is there simply not enough fans to justify its continued support?

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