Legend of Zelda Box Set Will Answer Every Question, Just Hope You Don't Need To Eat For A Week


If you're a diehard Zelda fan who believes your library is officially complete, thanks to the recently released Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia, prepare to make some additional shelf space. Because due later this year is the Legend of Zelda Box Set from Prima.

Prima is known for their strategy guides, and that's exactly what the set is all about. Contained are hardcover collector's edition tomes for Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword.

These are more or less the same exact guides that accompanied each associated game's release, and some have received the special hardcover treatment already. But here they all have matching, commemorative covers and gilded pages.

Furthermore, the Skyward Sword guide has been expanded upon with an extra 100 pages. You also get a certificate of authenticity that's signed by series director Eiji Aonuma and fancy metallic bookmark, which all come in a fancy treasure chest-looking box.

The asking price? $180, though Amazon was asking for $153, until Tiny Cartridge noticed that it's $117 for the time being. Who knows how long this deeper discount will last, so all interested parties should jump on this ASAP.

Yes, the price is quite high, but look at it this way: at least the shipping is free. So you'll have some rupees left over for ramen noodles.