‘Dead Rising 3’ On How It Pushes The Xbox One, And Why It Was Too Hot For The Xbox 360

Capcom has just released a brand new highlight reel for their upcoming Xbox One exclusive, “Dead Rising 3.” It stars producer Mike Jones, art director Alan Jarvie, and executive producer/creative lead Josh Bridge, all discussing at length how they believe their latest effort sets the bar that all other zombie kill-a-thons must now aim for.

Much of it centered on all the different kinds of zombies that one will encounter (each is a precious snowflake we are told), along with all the different ways in which the player can dispose of them. Naturally, much of this due to the power of the next generation console that’s driving the show.

And the game does look mighty impressive, on a purely technical level. Zombies are legitimately scarier when you can see their teeth and tongue, ready to taste your tender flesh:

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