'Soul Calibur 2 HD' Online Announced


A question for all "Soul Calibur" fans out there: what's your favorite installment? If it's part two, which it more than likely is, some good news. At San Diego Comic Con, Namco Bandai announced an updated version of "Soul Calibur 2," with high definition visuals and online multiplayer.

Though the real question is what's your favorite version and will this update have what you enjoyed the most?

"Soul Calibur 2 HD Online," as it's simply known, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original release. And following video illustrates how prettier everything will look in general. The revamp will also include the PS2 version's guest star, Heihachi from Tekken:

But that's the thing; the most popular version, by most accounts, was the GameCube iteration, which starred Link from The Legend of Zelda. And it's somewhat of a safe bet that he won't be coming back, given that the re-release is due for just the PS3 and Xbox 360.

If a Wii U version had been announced, it might have been a different story. Also, no word on Spawn, the original Xbox version's guest star. Sorry fans of that character and his gigantic boot.

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