‘Attack of the Friday Monsters’ Is About Childhood Memories Of Kaiju In One’s Backyard

If you’re into giant robots and giant monsters beating the crap out of each other, you no doubt saw and enjoyed Pacific Rim. You may have also given the official video game adaptation a spin and quickly discovered that, like virtually all games based upon movies, it’s not very good. Thankfully, Attack of the Friday Monsters hails from Japan, where they happen to know a thing or two about mecha and kaiju.

Actually, it lacks the former, but is filled to the brim with the latter. Also, you don’t actually play as any kaiju, but instead are a distant observer. Which might sound a bit lame, but the key difference between this and the Pacific Rim adaptation is that it’s a actually a good game. Plus the premise is fairly novel; you play a kid who lives in the outskirts of Tokyo, circa the 1970s. It’s a tribute to the simpler days of childhood, if one’s youth was spent in an alternate reality in which big monsters appeared in one’s backyard every Friday afternoon to engage in combat.

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