A Sequel To Chess Is Happening, And It Might Be Ouya's Killer App


It's almost impossible to narrow down the best video game of all time (even though the answer is quite obvious: Tetris). But determining the best game of all time (we're talking everything, not just not electronic ones; pen and paper, parlor games, all of the above) is somewhat easier, believe it or not.

To many, it's something that has endured through the centuries, and was even played by kings back in the day. It's a richly complex game of back and forth that embodies the very form of play itself. Plus, some believe it's the very backbone of virtually every other game out there, and will continue to provide foundations for many years to come.

The game in question is chess. And guess what? After all this time, it's finally a sequel. One that's exclusive to the Ouya, at least initially.

Polygon reports that Ludeme Games is developing something that is simply called Chess 2: The Sequel. The follow-up that few realized was needed has several aims. Like steamlining the game as a whole, as well as fixing problems has frustrated players since the year 1200, theoretically.

According to the developers:

Compared to chess, Chess 2 relies much less on memorized openings and more on positional play. There are fewer draws, and the asymmetric gameplay with multiple matchups keeps the game fresh and interesting from the very first move."

Among the new improvements is how there is now six armies to choose from, instead of just one, which opens up far more possible match-ups than previously. There's also a new win condition that supposedly eliminates all draws from the game.

What initially appears to be a joke, especially given the title, is very much a real thing. Also, it is somewhat true that many contemporary chess aficionados have lamented the stagnation that has somewhat befallen the game of kings.

So perhaps a time exclusive for the Ouya can help both given the word of chess a shot in the arm and also sell a few extra units of the Android driven alternative to consoles?

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