The Wait Is Over, EarthBound Is Finally Back


If there's one game that has been at the very top of many longtime, hardcore Nintendo nerd's wish list, it's been a re-release of the SNES cult classic Earthbound.

To say it's been a longtime coming is a massive understatement to its dedicated fan-base; while their numbers might be small, they've made it loud and clear for years now that a return was more than appropriate, once Nintendo's Virtual Console became a thing.

And that day has finally come; Earthbound is finally here for today's gaming audience, who perhaps were not around back in the day to experience The War Against Giygas firsthand:

What makes Earthbound so special? Well, it's hard to really say; you just have to play it yourself. Though simply word "different" somewhat suffices.

Admittedly, things have changed considerably in the world of JRPGs, and the idea of controlling a bunch of everyday kids from the suburbs, to counteract some alien menace that's not threatening some far away kingdom is no longer as unique (see: Persona 3 and 4). Yet Earthbound's charm is still quite strong, and wholly unique.

When the Wii made its debut, fans have been asking for a re-release, but non ever took place, despite numerous grassroots attempts to make such a thing happen. Reasons were never made clear; for a while it was assumed that it was a rights issue, because the game samples some American music, but has since been proven false.

A similar initiative was undertaken to release the Japan only sequel for the Game Boy Advance here in the States, but that too was unsuccessful.

So when word came that Nintendo was finally bringing Earthbound back, everyone jumped for joy. But the problem is, it's for the Wii U's Virtual Console, and not the Wii's, which is what everyone really wanted. Though most are not complaining; they simply now have an excuse to pick up Nintendo's new system. Which might have been the plan all along.

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