‘Edgar Rice Frotteur’ Is A Game That Combines Tarzan With The PlayStation Move

This past weekend was the Come and Play Festival, a summertime tradition in which game makers turn the streets of New York City and San Francisco into a giant playground. One of such individual who represented the Big Apple was Douglas Wilson, member of Danish indie game making collective known as Die Gute Fabrik.

Wilson’s biggest claim to fame is creating Johann Sebastian Joust, a music game that utilizes PlayStation Move controllers and which has no graphics. It’s traveled the word as a key attraction at pretty much every major game convention imaginable, and will soon be available to the public at long last, as part of the SPORTSFRIENDS collection.

Wilson’s follow-up to Johann Sebastian Joust is something that’s both simpler and even more ambitious; called “Edgar Rice Frotteur,” its creator describes it as a “crazy, music, jungle game.” It consists of 20 Move controllers, all hung by the ceiling, and the goal is to always have both hands on liked colored Move controllers.

But if one the controllers changes color, in accordance to music playing, you have to find another one, by keeping ahold of the one that’s still yours. There’s also three other players, who will attempt to cut you off… it’s a bit tricky to explain. Thankfully, Kotaku had produced the following video that demonstrates Edgar Rice Frotteur in action:

Embedded from www.youtube.com.