More Lego 'Minecraft' Sets On The Way


What originated as a no brainer of an idea has turned out to be the veritable cash cow that many expected. That being the combination of Minecraft and Legos; the official Lego Minecraft set has been a roaring success, so naturally there are additional sets coming down the pipeline.

Gizmodo's dedicated Lego channel reports that there will be two new ones to be exact. The first is the Village, seen above, in which one can create their own habitat. Including the ability to build homes, raise crops, and explore mines. Comes with a Villagers, Zombie, and Pig.


And next we have the more exciting of the pair, the Nether. Here you can craft a Nether Portal out of Obsidian, plus you have plenty of gravel, bedrock, lave, and Netherrack to play around with as well. Comes with two Ghasts and a Zombie Pigman.

Both will be available this upcoming September 1 for thirty five bucks each.

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