Phoenix Wright's Latest Game Is Rated M For Mature


It's been almost six years since defense attorney Phoenix Wright’s last case in a virtual court of law, so anticipation for the next Ace Attorney game is fairly high to put it mildly.

Though fans will discover that much has changed since. And not just the fancy 3D visuals, but a decidedly harder edge as well. As such, the game will be rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, as opposed for the T for Teen rating that previous installments have all received.

When Joystiq enquired about this, a Capcom representative explained: "Due to the nature of the various crimes and storylines in this latest title in the series, ESRB deemed the title an M."

The following is a brand new trailer, prepped just in time for Comic Con, which kicks off with the notice of a M rating. The funny thing is how, as Joystiq also noticed, the Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, and Language labels are also found on the very first Phoenix Wright game, again rated Teen:

Many fans are disappointed that the game is getting a digital only release, though given the presumably more mature and racier content, perhaps the decision makes a bit more sense in retrospect.

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