Want To Know How Much A Top Ranking Professional Gamer Makes?


With the recently wrapped up Evo Championship Series, along with how League of Legend players are now considered athletes in the eyes of the US government, awareness of professional gamers are quite high these days.

And whenever eSports makes headlines, the same basic question is always asked: how much money do they make? Thanks to e-Sports Earnings (http://www.esportsearnings.com/players), now we know. They recently ranked the top 100 players, based upon their overall earnings.

Business Insider decided to profile the top 15 and here's a few observations one is able to cull from both ends:

- Both the overall earnings and highest paying game are listed by e-Sports Earnings. In the cast of the latter, Dota 2 is the most popular among the top 15. It appears 5 times among the top fifteen earners, and accounts for 99% of the total earnings for their respective players.

- As one might expect, Koreans dominate the top 15, as well as the top 100 as a whole. Their preferred game is either StarCraft of WarCraft.

- At the very top is Johnathan Wendel, otherwise known as Fatal1ty, considered the first breakout star in the world of eSports, at least here in America (in Korea, they have plenty to choose from). He made $454,544.98 overall, with over half of that stemming from earnings from Painkiller.

- In the case of Wendel, and pretty much everyone else, sponsorships make up a large portion of that pot, mostly with computer hardware companies. In some cases, they help to leverage a player's bottom line, even if they didn't do as well competitively this year (though one has to long how that can last).

- At the very bottom of the top 100 is Filip Kubski, aka eno, who still raked in a very respectable $66,183.28. Not half bad for being very good at Counter-Strike.

- Despite all the talk that centers on professional Street Fighter players, none of the games listed in the top 100 is a fighting game. Not a single one. It's all first person shooters or strategy games.

In the end, professional gamers have yet to earn a million dollars, but given how the world of eSports is still quite young, it's only a matter of time.