Put Those PSN Trophies To Good Use By Bidding On Props



The trophies that one can earn while playing PlayStation games are beloved by many (the same goes for Microsoft's Achievement Points), though reviled by plenty as well.

Most complaints can be simply boiled down to "they're just a waste of time." But those who are fond of PSN trophies nonetheless (and who theoretically has more than a few that they call their own) can finally put them to use. Sorta.

Sony is allowing PSN members to bid on props that were used in the Greatness Awaits clip that made its debut during E3 of this year.

Simply head on over to Bid For Greatness, which will asses all the gold trophies that is associated with your PSN ID. Each day for the next weeks will see a brand new item, that can be nabbed via bidding, using the aforementioned barometer of achievement.

A Killzone Shadow Fall costume is the first item up for grabs, which as of this writing, has a high bid of 1,050.

Here's the best part: using your trophies to bid will not result in you losing them. So cashing out doesn't mean you have to spend another 300 hours getting all those Mass Effect 3 achievements once again. Sony also reminds us that "if you’re short on Gold Trophies you can earn some on your PS3 and PS Vita then come back to bid again."

Translation: buy (and play) more of our games, please.

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