'Super Time Force' Bends Time And Pushes Pixels Like Crazy


Capybara Games, or CAPY as they preferred to be called, has released another trailer for their upcoming bullet hell shmup meets side scrolling platformer meets Back To The Future hybrid. Otherwise known as Super Time Force.

And it's pretty much what the doctor ordered. Provided if what ails you is a serious lack of pixelated explosions, time paradoxes, and tough guy names that are straight from the 80s.


CAPY is one of the hottest, most talented indie developers on the planet at the moment, yet Super Time Force proposes is quite the tall order. Then again, they did demonstrate with Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP that a truly magical adventure can still happen within the confines of a tiny handheld device.

And Below looks to be proof positive that indies will find a home on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console. So doing a frantic, Contra-like shooter that also shoots holes into the fabric of the space time continuum like swiss cheese may, in a way that both makes sense and is enjoyable, may not be that hard to pull off.

Though folks who have been eyeballing Super Time Force can tell already that there have been some significant changes to the gameplay Before when a character died, you went back in time, to the beginning of the level, to fight alongside your ghost.

Whereas here… to be honest, it's not quite clear, except it does appear that the player has more direct control over the flow of time, and is able to insert a character at a point of his or her choosing.

The most important thing is that it looks like crazy fun. Unfortunately, no release date has been given for Super Time Force. And it very well could look totally different the next time we see it.

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