American Idol Winner Placed 257th In EVO's 'Super Smash Bros.' Tournament


As previously noted, many were looking forward to Super Smash Bros Melee's grand return to the Evo Championship Series. It's game that's beloved by many, and not just members of the fighting game community.

Turns out, American Idols love it as well. Taylor Hicks, winner of the 5th season of American Idol to be exact. He was one of the nearly 700 competitors who registered. And how did he fare?

Not bad. Tied for 257th, according to Seth Killian, fighting virtuoso and EVO commentator:

Polygon theorizes that, because Hicks is currently a headliner at Paris Las Vegas, which is right next door to Bally's Hotel and Casino, where EVO took place, he may have simply decided to swing by and see how skills stacks up to fellow Smash fans.

Needless to say, this has been used as fodder among hardcore fighting fans who still cannot accept the notion that Smash Bros is a fighting game. Guess its appearance at EVO was still not good enough.