Capcom's Xbox 360 Games Going For Dirt Cheap

By Matt Hawkins

Ultra Street Fighter IV

In addition to the chance to nab Assassin's Creed 2 for totally free, for the next two weeks at least, Xbox Live is also having a sale that covers a host of Capcom's offerings.

The entire rundown can be found over at Capcom Unity, though we have some recommendations:

- "Super Street Fighter IV AE" is going for just $14.99, which is definitely a great deal. And don't forget, with the Ultra updated on the way, here's a chance to get the base game if you haven't done so already.

- "Asura's Wrath," which is essentially an entire season of an over the top anime about gods who kick the crap out of each other is also one of last year's most criminally underplayed games, despite being a critical darling. It's going for just $9.99.

- The brilliant revival of the Blue Bomber, "Mega Man 9," and the not as awesome but still okay follow-up, "Mega Man 10," are available for just 400 MSP each.

- The 360 port of arguably the greatest "Street Fighter" game ever made, "Third Strike Online Edition," can be nabbed for an insanely low amount of 300 MSP. That's $3.75 in non-Microsoft moon money, BTW.