Glacius Returns In New 'Killer Instinct,' Along With 'Chief Thunder' Apparently


All kinds of announcements were made about fighting games over the weekend, and most (if not all) were broken at EVO not surprisingly.

Along with the revelation that Street Fighter 4 is being updated once again, you also had an annoucnement concerning the upcoming Killer Instinct reboot. Hence why someone from Double Helix was on hand, which ended up being kind of awkward.

The trailer above highlights yet another classic KI character making a return appearance, the icy entity from outer space known as Glacius. But at the very end we see yet another personality teased; apparently Chief Thunder will be making a return as well.

Which, to be honest, is hardly a surprise; considering that the game is relying heavily upon nostalgia, and given the free to play nature of the updated proceedings, along with how the original games doesn't have the largest roaster to begin with, Double Helix will no doubt tapping into every available character in the Killer Instinct universe.

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