The Ultimate Warrior Is Back In 'WWE 2K14'


Later this year, the World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship video game series shall be updated once again, this time courtesy of brand new publisher 2K Sports (who are taking over from the now out of business THQ). And to ensure current owners of WWE 2K13 will eventually own a copy of "WWE 2K14," a very special pre-order bonus has just been announced.

The man from Parts Unknown, who was the face of late 80s/early 90s professional wrestling across this country, aka the Ultimate Warrior, will soon become a part of the current "WWE Universe". Provided you pre-order a copy from GameStop.

As you can see in the video above, Warrior (that's his real name btw; born James Brian Hellwig, it was eventually changed to Warrior, sans the Ultimate part, for legal reasons) is clearly a bit older, plus his long hair is long gone. But he's still got the face paint, and most importantly, still acts like a crazy person.

Anyone familiar with the behind the scenes antics of professional wrestling (which is often far more enjoyable than the product that's presented in the ring) is well aware of how the Ultimate Warrior and the WWE have not been on the best of terms for many years now. In a recent audio update from the Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, it was noted that a considerable amount of back and forth between both parties had to be done to seal this deal.

Though wrestling experts also know that the relations between the WWE and Randy "The Macho Man" Savage have also been strained for just as long a time, but that didn't stop him from appearing in WWE All-Stars two years ago. But it has also been speculated that it was THQ who did the brunt of the negotiations, with the WWE not really being all that involved. The Ultimate Warrior made his return in that game as well, though it didn't generated as much attention as the Macho Man.