20 Things You May Or May Not Know About The PS4 Already


PlayStation Access recently released a video entitled "20 Things You Didn't Know About PlayStation 4" and it's worth a gander.

In the end, the highlight reel covers info that you may have, in fact, heard of already. Including some fairly well documented features. At this point, who doesn't know that users will have access to legacy software via streaming, or how existing PSN accounts will automatically transfer over?

It does feel as if the authors came up a bit short with the necessary amount of intel. Thankfully, it does start strong, with info that's legitimately useful; for example, the PS4 comes shipped with an HDMI cable, and that's nice to know.

Though some of it slightly bothersome; one has to wonder how much system resources are being allocated for the always on video compression and decompression, a feature that many will no doubt never use.

Most intriguing of all is how, not only can you access your games on someone else's console, but you can essentially share your gaming library to other users (with one PS4 acting as the base that one uses to administers permissions and the like).

Isn't that basically what Microsoft proposed with their Xbox One, which was also tied in with their DRM scheme? And which was also scrapped when plans as a whole changed. If Sony can figure a way to do it without needless rules governing online check-ins and the like, why can't MS?

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